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LIFESWAY Christian publishing

Welcome to the LIFESWAY web site. This will tell you about books and DVDs published through LIFESWAY and about our beliefs and what we stand for.

The basic aim is to produce materials on the Christian faith that are popular but also academically rigorous. These include both apologetics and issues about Christian lifestyle.

Our aim is not to make profit but just to communicate what we believe is truth, which means that the books and DVDs are offered at low prices. It also means that there are books on the site as downloadable pdfs – feel free to read them in this format if you wish (though the hard copies of the books are cheap enough to buy them anyway if you think you will appreciate the contents).

Do also let us have any comments you have on the books – either how they have blessed you and/or how they might have been better. Feel free also to ask any questions you wish.

Happy browsing!