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Womens Role in Church Leadership and Marriage

Paul Marston

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John Wesley appointed women lay preachers, and within a century the leaders of the movements that grew out of his evangelical revival (the Salvation Army, Free Methodists, Nazarenes and later the Pentecostals) were advocating full ordination. Today, most non-Catholic churches ordain women, the Church of England voting in 2006 to ordain women bishops. But is this in harmony with Scripture?

This book is written in the conviction that our church and family life should both be in demonstrable harmony with New Testament teaching. It is aimed to help any who are either wanting to decide on such issues, or wanting to know that what they have instinctively believed is biblical. It looks both at church leadership, and at the hierarchical and egalitarian models for marriage.



“The reality I most appreciate about the life and writings of Paul Marston is his passion for truth as revealed in the Scriptures.” Bishop Richard Snyder.