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Christians, Divorce and Remarriage

Paul Marston

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This book is written with a concern that Christians need not only to "believe the right things" about right and wrong, but to understand the basis on which they hold them to be so. Jesus brought us the truth on ethical issues--including those involved in divorce and remarriage. This book looks at the record of the teachings of Jesus, in their cultural context, and closely examines whether various interpretations made of them "make sense". It is not anecdotal or "pastoral", and refers to only those outside commentators necessary to do its core task. What it offers is a succinct biblical study, for those in the church who deal with such issues on a personal or pastoral level, as an aid to not only ensuring that what we teach is in line with the Christianity of Jesus, but that we know why it is. (from the foreword) Bishop Richard Snyder.



Thank you for dealing with the issue of who may remarry - something which I did not deal with sufficiently. I wish you well with your work. Rev Dr David Instone-Brewer, Research Fellow at Tyndale House Cambridge.

Dr Paul Marston leads us through the Scriptures and helps the Church understand how it is possible to be true to its prophetic calling without compromising its pastoral responsibility. Rev J Allan Ellershaw, Superintendent Free Methodist Church U.K.

I’ve gone through it thoroughly, reading and checking. Whatever my views on marriage and divorce might have been, I am sure I would have swung round to what Paul Marston says, convinced. Rev George Canty, Pentecostal Writer.