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"The Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth" DVD (2006)

Paul Marston


This DVD is produced in collaboration with scibel ( To Christians the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is a central part of their faith. This is seen not just as some kind of subjective feeling in the lives of believers, but as an event that actually happened in history.

But is there evidence for it, or is it simply incredible?

In this 1 hour session, illustrated with power point and recorded live before an audience, Dr Paul Marston looks at some of the issues relevant to answering this question.
Is there any evidence that the four gospels in the New Testament authentic and reliable? What about other “gospels” like the Gospel of Judas, which may give quite a different picture of Jesus? Aren’t the New Testament gospel accounts a mass of mutual contradictions?

The talk looks at these issues, and presents a model showing that the four accounts actually do fit perfectly well together, without contradiction, and provide some incidental mutual corroboration.



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