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"Encounter" DVD (2005)

Paul Marston


This DVD is produced in collaboration with scibel (
It contains two entirely separate items:

  • The first is an 17 minute powerful defence of the harmony of mainstream science with evangelical Christian faith, with inputs from a galaxy of prominent scientists and theologians. It can be used as a discussion starter or for itself, and in sections or as a whole. This item alone is well worth the purchase of the DVD.
  • The second item is a half hour powerpoint illustrated talk by Dr Paul Marston on "Why believe Christianity is True". It looks briefly at the evidence from nature, history and personal experience, the three elements that the Apostle Paul used in arguing for the truth of the Christian message.



Encounter is a powerful pre-evangelism tool to reach thinking people: it stimulates the mind to draw conclusions which may ultimately lead the heart to
encounter Jesus.
Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM International

This DVD shows the strength of the relationship between science and Christianity and would be a good discussion starter or as part of an evangelical talk.
Steve Gaukroger, Former President Baptist Union UK

The whole issue of the reality of the miraculous, especially in the life and ministry of Jesus, and the relationship between science and faith remain fundamental. This DVD will help in forwarding a Christian mind on these issue.
Philip Hacking, Keswick Speaker, Chair of World Alive